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Monday, April 26, 2010


I received this mail from a frnd a few days back... and was terrified to read it...
i could have just mailed it to u all... and i even did... but i know that no on e really has enough tym today to read FORWARDED MAILS... especially wen it carries so much of the text!!!

pls go ahead...
This story is said to be True,But be warned it is NOT NICE!
This is a true story, it has been confirmed, the Medical Centre phonenumber at the end of this story is real..This guy went out on a Saturday night a few weeks ago to a party. He was having a good time and had a couple of beers and some girls seemed to like him and one invited him to go to another party. He quickly agreed and decided to go along with her. She took him to a party in some apartment and they continued to drink, and even got involved with some unknown drug.The next thing he knew, he woke up completely naked in a bathtub filled with ice. He was still feeling the effects of the drugs, but looked around to see he was alone. He looked down at his chest, which had 'CALL 000 or YOU'LL DIE' written on it with lipstick. He saw a phone was on a stand next to the tub so he picked it up and dialled. He explained to the EMS operator what the situation was and that he didn't know where he was, what he took, or why he was really calling.She advised him to get out of the tub. He did, and he appeared normal, so she told him to check his back.. He did. He found two nine inch slits on his lower back. She told him to get back into the tubimmediately, and they sent a rescue team over. Apparently, after being examined, he found out more of what had happened. His kidneys were stolen. They were worth $10,000 each on the black market. Several guesses are in order: The people involved had to be at least medical students and it was not just recreational drugs he was given. Regardless, he is currently in the hospital on a life support, awaiting a spare kidney. The University of Sydney in conjunction withthe Royal Prince Alfred hospital is conducting tissue research to match the victim with a donor. I wish to warn you about a new crime ring that is targeting business travellers. This ring is well organized and well funded, has very skilled personnel and is currently operating in most major cities around the world and recently very active in Sydney ......This is not a scam or out of science fiction novel. It is real. It is documented and confirmable. If you travel or someone close to you travels, please be careful. Sadly, this is very true. My friend's husband is a Sydney EMT and they have received alerts regarding this crime ring. It is to be taken very seriously. The daughter of a friend of a fire-fighter had this happen to her. Skilled doctors are performing these crimes! (which, by the way have been highly noted in the Brisbane area). Additionally, the military has received alerts regarding this. I REALLY WANT AS MANY PEOPLE TO SEE THIS AS POSSIBLE SO PLEASE BOUNCETHIS TO WHOEVER YOU CAN.

what i dont really seem to understand is that how can a person who has acquired the noble skills of a doctor be so merciless to commit such a sin... doctors are thought to be the avators of god.. our life-savers... well if this is what a life saver does... i dont think anyone would even feel safe admitting a dear i n the hospital next tym...
pls forward the text to as many as u can... nd save ur frnds and family... who myt becum the victim of such a scam in the future!!!
I ll be uploading more such stories... so please do checking in... and get AWARE!!!

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  1. hey!! i got tht mail 2
    scary,isnt it?
    god punish those creeps
    whatever, thanks 4 d warning :)