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Saturday, July 10, 2010

my story... my poem...


They call her a Brave Girl
One they had never seen or heard
She sees everything with different eyes
With a different view of the world.

They call her a Brave Girl
Who can stand up for herself
She might want you but never need you
So u keep your sympathy with yourself.

They call her a Brave Girl
Who could change anything she wants
She can screw you hard
With her teasing taunts.

They call her a Brave Girl
Who always got everything she wanted
She knows how to move on, solving
Every trouble by which she’s haunted.

They call her a Brave Girl
Blindly believing what she shows them on face
Though the genuine thoughts n feelings
Are hidden somewhere behind her grace.

BUT, Today…
The Bravery of this Brave Girl
Has disappeared somewhere
The realistic view of life
Has changed to fantasies everywhere.

Inside she feels like yelling, crying…
But, the tears refuse to fall
This suffocation is troubling her
N she feels abandoned by all.

She raises her hand
In prayer for someone to hold her back
Who could take her out of the Dark
N get her life back on track.

She keeps shouting, crying, pleading…
For just one to protect her…
Jut one out of the whole world…
Cuz she knows that if They lose her…
No one would ever find another BRAVE GIRL!!!


  1. Something wrong? why so sad, brave girl?

  2. naah... nothing wrong!!!
    wanted to write something lyk it long back... but coudnt get the right words!!!
    thnx anyways!

  3. yah really brave girl ????
    kya hua hain itni udass q ???
    hasi nhi ho kya bhot dino se !!

  4. acha yaad aaya bhot dino se apne frnds ko miss kar rahi ho na !!
    main bhi