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Friday, January 2, 2009


This entry goes for all my teenager frnds…..
How many days back did u sit with Ur mom and talked to her for an hour or so…...???Or how many days back did u get sum time to have an outing with Ur family……..??I guess dat must be long back…
Have u ever realized dat in the rat race of this world…we have forgotten some of those valuable people in our life, who do make a difference to us….?????? These ppl include our frnds, teachers nd even our parents (believe it or not)… and trust me, it’s not our fault in any way… coz we, the INNOCENT TEENAGERS are being pissed by the world around us… I mean its not dat someone is after us……forcing us to do well… but the world is going so fast dat if u don’t pick up, u ll certainly lag behind….nd thus lose the tide of time…
If we don’t find a solution to this very soon, v ll certainly find ourselves totally screwed up with everything… even if we cannot spend much time with everyone around us…we can at least call them up sometimes nd tell them once in a while dat we love them so much…and we do care for them. ..Trust me; even these words of yours will give them utter happiness…….
So, next time, when u feel u have unintentionally ignored somebody, just walk up to them and tell them how much u care…

Coz u might have sometime ignored someone for whom u were their world….


  1. Hey girl wats wrong wid ur language? "PISSED" "SCREWED". O pathetic. Stop using these words. They are better recognised as S*****D(SCREWED) and P****D(Pissed). Dolly I disagree with ur thots. Its not rat race dat u dont have time for ppl whom u care abt. GET REAL. Its absolutely crap to the best of my knowledge dat u dont have time. OK then y do u feel our parents had time for us when we were young?? Werent they busy?? Or r v the only one who r busy?? If u feel u have ignored anybody go up to them and make them feel special coz a few moments wid them will make them feel happy. And do u really feel dat if ur there in d rat race u need to run faster and ignore ur PARENTS??? GIRL GET REAL!! -
    An Old Time Friend AISHWARYA

  2. doll dear
    i don't disagree wid ur thoughts.As far as i m concerned its true dat v actually don,t hav time 4 r dear ones n u no wat i m doin these days igonring n fightin wid those who r concerned.Never mind time wud b gud soon when we'll hav a job n be settled in r lives.Then i guess we'll b able to share r feelings wid whom so ever we want.Right?
    N i feel we'll remember r teenage d most.Aish u need to get real!!
    A frnd wid whom u cud hav shared ur feelings