Live Life Queen Size!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


The first completely abstract piece of work by my mind... or heart... whatever...
it took me longer than ever to write this one... n at last, i wrote womething which my heart wasnt really saying...
Last evening, while singing my song
reflecting upon my journey
the soft breeze touched me hard
as if trying to speak of someone's heart
it all felt silent
lyk the silence before the storm
the breeze brought along
the aroma of a heart
i forgot my song
n stood mesmerised
remembering the aroma
n trying to forget it at the same time...

just when the storm took over
n it all got blurred
but i still stood
suprised at the beauty
beauty of the storm
n lull of the silence preceeding...

just when the sky got clearer
n so did the view
when all i cud see
was a heart emerging
out of nowhere in front of me
taking over every beauty
i had till then seen
the heart was the same
whose aroma the breeze had brought
n it took away my soul with it
rendering worthless everything I had got!!!


  1. khafiiii acha likhti ho !!!!!
    ek kaam karo .. book writer ban jao !!!!!
    acha rehaga !!!!!
    SO kab se likhna shurru kar rahi ho !!???

  2. @ anshul-
    but book writing needs a gr8 deal of talent...
    n i m not such a prolific writer...