Live Life Queen Size!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For YOU...

A few Inspirational lines i wrote long back... thought it would help a few of my friends today...

keep looking forward
dont go back
however u are
you are on the right track.

people might find u right
they might take you wrong
dont care what others say
you have to go a way too long.

the sun will rise everyday
and so will the moon
i know its not that easy
but u ll reach ur destination very soon.

so what if people dont cease to fight
so what if nothing seems to go right
the blues sky is always above you
and the sun still shines the same bright.

so what if u dont succeed today
so what if u dont get your way
u still have a long way ahead
to wake your dreams and to stand your way.

sorrows and happiness
are not both apart
its your attitude that makes a difference
and the purity of your heart

whatever you are
whatever u ll be
i ll always be there
to make things better for u,
u ll see!!!