Live Life Queen Size!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

No i wont giv up, no i wont break down... sooner than it seems lyfs turnd around... n i wil be strong, evn if it all goes wrong...

when i m standing in the dark i still believe... that SOMEONE'S WATCHING OVER ME!!!

Dont know why but i m desperately feeling this urge to write something really good... till i cum up with it... i would like you all to read some of my poems... one of which is...


One day, i ll be free
free to run away
to wake my dreams
and to stand my way.

One day i ll be pure
pure to speak right from my heart
not to hurt you with my words
and to leave all bygone things apart.

One day i ll be true
true not just to everyone but to me
to look at the inside of everything
and not just believe what i hear or see.

One day i ll be laughing
laughing to hide my tears
to hide the pain in my heart
that i would have gone through in the past years.

One day i ll be enjoying
enjoying the life of my own
just by trying to make everyone smile
no matter whether i am or not known.

One day i ll be happy
happy to be what i ll be
to do all the things i want
n to see the world as i wanna see.

One day i ll be living
living all the colors of my lyf
a lyf full of hope and peace
without any evil or strife.

One day i ll be the one
who i ve always wanted to be
who that is i still dont know
but atleast that ll be the REAL ME.

DISCOVER a new world of mine
with a new sun and the blue skies
and i ll be ready to RISE AND SHINE!


  1. but i hope that you know
    you gotta stop waiting for the day
    tomorrow will be excellent
    still, live your life today...

  2. i knw... aftr all, its in my hands to make any ordinary day that ONE DAY...!!

  3. excellents thoughts!!!
    but as she said the day should come as early as possible

  4. Nice read...instead of "one day" it can also be called "some day"...