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Thursday, June 3, 2010

They say that gud things take time... but really great things happen in the blink of an eye!

As i was happily experiencing every great thing coming to me... not really effortlessly, but unexpectedly... when suddenly, there came a flood of vibrations to me which seemed to convey something vry strange, sumthing unwanted... and they complicated everything that earlier seemed so simple... as i becum an observer to thE dramatic changes taking place around me... some things fallinig into place effortlessly, and others shattering even after utmost care... just decide to remain quiet and watch...

the following poem i wrote when i felt this way last tym... that was when it rained in the city last tym... n the coincidence is that its raining even today... the weather has brought back the same old feelings...


It was quiet a few hours back
warm outside and calm within
but now,
its stormy outside
and there's thunder in my heart!

the air seems to tell me something
something that's born within my own inner self
but couldnt find a way out to express
which now the weather seems to do.

the shaking of the trees
seems to be out my own frustration
the rain is the tear of my despair
the unusual storm is the uncertainity of my mind
that takes me forth for a moment
and drags me back for another.

i am standing near the window
since the storm started
looking for an answer
in the blues and the trees
but they all seem to be equally confused.

people are enjoying the weather
but "I" m busy observing
observing the cause of this sudden strangeness
that surrounds me in this familiar environment.

the storm gets wilder
the rain gets intense
deperate to express
my feelings and their emotions.

it feels strange
strange to see how
heavens can cry ini grief
and laugh in joy
i know not what the cause is today
my sense of judgement
this weather seems to destroy.

the feeling of despair
is grabbing me in its dents
the weather gives in to my unexpressed emotions


  1. i will be there to take u out of it !!!!
    Dont worry !!!!

  2. Because when the rain pours
    and black clouds fill the sky
    and the storm screams and shouts
    you know, that i am by...
    and the sun will soon shine bright
    till then enjoy the storm
    and do not forget the silver line
    and soon it will be just fine...
    oh yes, it'll be just fine!!!

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  4. @anshul and rupali-
    thnx a lot...:))

  5. @rupali-
    n now, even i know who shud I luk upto when I feel demotivated!!!:)